Audiovisual translations is a very specialised translation, which only the top companies in the industry can boast of providing such service, and what is important - only a few companies in Poland have such a service in their offer. We are ready for such and have been providing such services for many years.

Our audiovisual translation covers:

  • Translation and synchronization of subtitles
  • Preparation of translations for the speaker, including fictional films, animated films, documentaries as well as marketing and advertising spots
  • Preparation of translations from audio

The most important for us is the comfort and peace of our partners, hence we guarantee that:

1. All audiovisual translation are created and performed by only the most experienced and specialised translators, with the highest possible qualifications.

2. We familiarize ourselves with the entire material received; therefore making sure to avoid frequently encountered problems in audiovisual translations, i.e. translation errors, with ignorance of the received material as the cause.

3. Before the translation stage we prepare terminological dictionaries, specialised for each type of material, thereby preserving the highest quality of the translation, to best match the material/story. As a result, we guarantee that both the sense and the naturalness of communication will be preserved, and the essential elements to be presented in the material will be faithfully maintained emotionally.

In addition to the highest quality of the translations, we also provide solutions necessary for the organization of conferences, cultural events or business meetings at the highest level, ensuring our partners a peaceful and successful event.

All this is offered in a budget acceptable for our Partners - we combine the impossible with the amazing - with success :)

Conference and consecutive interpretations

Are you looking for conference interpreters? Maybe your event requires the presence of consecutive interpreters?

Our team of interpreters will provide the highest quality interpretation service:

  • negotiations
  • meetings
  • trainings
  • presentations
  • conferences
  • videoconferences and teleconferences

Endeavouring to ensure the highest level of service, we pay attention to each element of the translation process, irrespective of whether it is interpretation for conferences, consecutive, simultaneous or ordinary. The key to success during such events is knowledge of the topic and professionalism that will ensure the end result - an understandable and reliable interpretation. Thanks to a properly selected team we can offer highest-quality conference interpretation as well as other types of interpretation.

We work only with interpreters with extensive experience in this type of interpretation who are highly resistance to stress and provide professional conference interpretation.
Peace and professionalism above all.